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Ho Hum—Millions Will Die

nan.jpgOr is it only thousands? Never mind–don’t make yourself crazy–the administration knows each and every one of them is expendable and you should know it, too. They are either collateral damage (cd) or soldiers (s) and either way they’re just in the wrong place at the wrong time. War is hell (h) and this is what happens when you have one. Get real, folks. People die and people are horribly injured but they are brave and happy to pay the price and do whatever is necessary to bring democracy–or if not that– then stability or if not that–then a stand-off in Iraq. W and C know this. Didn’t they put their lives on the line in the 60’s–or if not–aren’t they suffering and unable to sleep every night agonizing over the troops–or if not–don’t they fast on Sundays?

If I remember correctly, wasn’t it the God of their choice (TGOTC) who backed their plan to take us down the high road of nation-saving and building? Clearly, TGOTC must be the old Testament God with an eye-for-an-eye mentality (Saddham tried to kill W’s father, for Pete’s sake). And, let’s be fair–doesn’t the Decider of yore have a tradition of overlooking, when He feels like it, just about anything including mendacity, incompetence even arrogance?

If He is, indeed, the One, He must be tickled to death to see his little earthling son, W (POTUS), give the Constitution of the United States (COTUS), outdated and irrelevant as it is, the finger? After all, there may not be a whole lot to laugh about in eternity, so He must find entertainment, however brief, whenever and wherever He finds it, since for Him this administration is around for only a nanosecond.

From His perspective to our moment in time.

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Cheap Tips

Thus far I’ve been unable to work out the cookie problem–meaning–if you don’t know what I’m talking about–when you try to leave a comment about this blog you are told to enable your cookies. A wild, mysterious phrase for non-techies and if by chance you are in any way a techie, please tell me how a visitor can have a cookie if it’s her first visit? Anyway I keep sending messages to those in charge at Word Press so with any luck I’ll know what to advise by fall. Stay tuned and if nothing else you’ll learn to speak computer.

Well I’ve messed this up big-time–While trying to fix something I just erased three-quarters of the post and now I have to remember what I said. Rats.

D. emailed me from Virginia and said: One thing you might want to share is a web site — This enables you to see where sex offenders are living. If they are near a school or home of someone you love. It’s very interesting.

I talked with Sidney in Connecticut who said she had two tips, the first she insists I told her about a while back but since I can’t remember yesterday, it’s new to me:

For leg or foot cramps put a cake of soap under the covers at the bottom of the bed. I know it sounds crazy but wait till you read tip 2.

For fungus under the finger or toenail do not buy the hundred dollar teeny-weeny bottle at the pharmacy. Instead apply Vicks Vaporub all over the tip of the digit. I’d cover it with a white cotton glove/sock or the sheets will be greasy and your dog asleep at the bottom of the bed on top of the soap may expire from the fumes. Do this for three days and you’ll be fungus-free.

When I was growing up or even when I was fully grown I don’t remember anybody having fungus. Maybe they just didn’t say. Today we say everything. Maybe it’s a good thing as long as you’re not too squeamish or in the middle of dinner. I hope I didn’t upset your stomach.

That’s all for now.

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Yet Another Blog is Born

When I first heard someone say blog I thought it was one of the most unpleasant words I’d ever heard– gloppy like glop, slimy like slime, yucky like yuck–and truth to tell I still do. Yet here I am giving birth to one of my own.

It’s easy–unlike the births of my four children in close succession many years ago so right there I’m off to a good start although it is said no pain–no gain.

Herewith a bad/good introduction of sorts: In the past fourteen months I’ve had a lumpectomy on a tiny but malignant, invasive cancer, radiation, a diagnosis of sleep apnea after falling asleep on the highway, the loss of two dogs, a broken wrist and on the plus side the adoption of two dogs, the marriage of a son, the birth of a granddaughter, the college graduation of another, her half-sister, and the acquisition of a CPAP. I suspect most of you have experienced worse and better. The bottom line is we are all blessed to be in this amazing world, though terrifying for many–it is so only in night and daymares for the rest of us. (Yes, new word. I have a tendency to make them up.) At least, so far.

I’d like this blog to be a little about me and a lot about you. To make this happen please write to me. Here are some ideas:

What’s happened in your life you’d like others to know about?

What information do you need/want?

What subjects are of interest to you?

What/Who makes you mad?

What/Who makes you happy?

What would like to see/do/accomplish before you die?

What sites, tips or products have been useful to you?

What movies/books/articles would you recommend?

I’ve written a novel that I will tell you about at some point and am working on another, parts of which I will post. I intend to write daily and hope to hear from you soon.


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