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Presidential Philosophy 101


You can’t go wrong with W—not when he dusts off his philosopher’s cap and gets to thinking big-time, chin in hand. This is a pose to take seriously because it’s not a pose—it’s what you would call the position of compassionate realism. See–he’s compassionate toward insurance companies and realistic toward health care because it’s clear health care is not necessary for children or it would be in the constitution.

Anyway, they can go to the emergency room for every ailment, big and small, and we will all be glad to foot the bill their parents can’t pay. True, it will be more expensive than underwriting their health care but it won’t be in the budget and it won’t offend our national philosopher.

Besides–what else can W do when it comes to choosing between the children of low-middle-income parents and the ceo’s of high-upper income insurance companies? Is it fair to judge him when the the future of our nation has nothing to do with the future of non-affluent children but, rather, the future of rich ceo’s?

You might argue that it won’t damage insurance companies if W supports health care for such children because if their parents can’t afford to buy health or any other kind of insurance how could it cut into insurance profits? But come on, people–get real! W is our very own philosopher-king-president (are we lucky or what?) and as such should be supported whenever he’s philosophically for or philosophically against anything.

I shouldn’t have to tell you this.

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Ho Hum—Millions Will Die

nan.jpgOr is it only thousands? Never mind–don’t make yourself crazy–the administration knows each and every one of them is expendable and you should know it, too. They are either collateral damage (cd) or soldiers (s) and either way they’re just in the wrong place at the wrong time. War is hell (h) and this is what happens when you have one. Get real, folks. People die and people are horribly injured but they are brave and happy to pay the price and do whatever is necessary to bring democracy–or if not that– then stability or if not that–then a stand-off in Iraq. W and C know this. Didn’t they put their lives on the line in the 60’s–or if not–aren’t they suffering and unable to sleep every night agonizing over the troops–or if not–don’t they fast on Sundays?

If I remember correctly, wasn’t it the God of their choice (TGOTC) who backed their plan to take us down the high road of nation-saving and building? Clearly, TGOTC must be the old Testament God with an eye-for-an-eye mentality (Saddham tried to kill W’s father, for Pete’s sake). And, let’s be fair–doesn’t the Decider of yore have a tradition of overlooking, when He feels like it, just about anything including mendacity, incompetence even arrogance?

If He is, indeed, the One, He must be tickled to death to see his little earthling son, W (POTUS), give the Constitution of the United States (COTUS), outdated and irrelevant as it is, the finger? After all, there may not be a whole lot to laugh about in eternity, so He must find entertainment, however brief, whenever and wherever He finds it, since for Him this administration is around for only a nanosecond.

From His perspective to our moment in time.

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